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Inorganic Chemistry III – Research Groups Senker & Grüninger

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Metal Organic Frameworks

Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) exhibit extraordinary high surface areas. As such these materials are suitable candidates for gas separation, conductive membranes and catalysts.

In our group we synthesize new MOFs and optimise the synthesis routes of known MOFs and perform post-synthetic modifications. Our aim is to use them as catalysts in the photochemical reduction of CO2 and proton conductive membranes in fuel cells. For the characterization of our MOFs we are specialised in x-Ray diffraction, solid state NMR, physisorption and impedence spectroscopy.

Top: Pore volume of different MOFS

Left: Powder X-Ray Diffraction patterns of different MOFs

Middle: Impedance spectroscopy of a MOF membrane at different temperatures

Right: Solid state NMR spectroscopic line shape analysis of a MOF

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