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Investigations of host-guest interactions in porous materials

Understanding host-guest interactions in porous materials is the key to a targeted design of sorption properties in this material class. A number of potential applications like gas storage and separation, drug delivery as well as sensoring depend crucially on this fact. These rely on guest selectivity of the framework material, which can be achieved by tuning the pore wall chemistry. In our group, we develop linker molecules for interactions with specific guest molecules and probe the efficiency these functional groups in functionalized MOFs by studying their order, and influence on binding sites and strength.

For this we rely on a combination of solid-state NMR, powder X-ray diffraction techniques and sorption experiments, assisted by computational chemistry. Application of a variety of solid-state NMR methods allows us to find new ways to evaluate structure and order of functional anchor groups and their binding to guest molecules, as well as the resulting dynamics of the guest within the pores.

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