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Inorganic Chemistry III – Research Group Senker

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Scientific employee (Ph.D. Student)


The position offers the opportunity for scientific qualification as part of a Ph.D. graduation, and is initially limited to three years. It is possible to extend the contract by one year. Depending on your experience the salary will be 50 – 67 % E13 TV-L.

Here we investigate the formation of microplastics (MP) from macroscopic plastic parts and its further decay due to the simultaneous exposure to UV radiation, water and mechanical forces. For this purpose, various plastics are aged by accelerated weathering. In this project, you will be responsible for the structural characterization of plastic samples as function of the progressive aging. By working in an interdisciplinary team, your findings will be correlated with data of morphology and mechanical properties of the particles. The greater goals aim at unravelling the degradation mechanisms of MP in natural environments and at developing solutions for novel, environmentally friendly plastics.

You will work with modern analytical techniques like solid-state NMR spectroscopy and will also develop further hyperpolarization techniques such as DNP and SEOP, respectively. For this we offer a thorough training for hands-on work and the theoretical background. A basic knowledge of NMR spectroscopy is appreciated. Admission requirements include a university degree (MSc level), preferably in the fields of chemistry, polymer chemistry, physics or material sciences, the ability to think analytically and the willingness to become involved in complex scientific research and spectroscopic methods. We are looking for dynamic and open-minded personalities who enjoy working in an interdisciplinary team.

The University of Bayreuth particularly encourages applications from women who are under-represented in the University at this level/ in this discipline. Additionally, handicapped applicants will be preferred if equally qualified.

Please send inquiries and your written application with the usual documents (cover letter, CV and certificates) by e-mail to:

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Senker, Tel: 0921 55 2538, juergen.senker@uni-bayreuth.de

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