We host cutting-edge NMR equipment specialised on solid-state NMR experiments:


600er   400er

Our 600 MHz WB Ultrashield magnet operated by a Avance III HD console (left) allows multinuclear experiments in a 1.3 mm HX MAS, a 1.9 mm HXY MAS, a 3.2 mm HFXY MAS and a static 4 mm HX probe suitable for low- and high-temperature experiments. The 400 MHz WB spectrometer also attached to a Avance III HD console (right) is equipped with a 1.9 mm HXY MAS, a 3.2 HXY MAS and a 4 mm HX MAS probe.


300er   xenon

The 300 MHz WB magnet is operated by a Avance II console (left) and equipped with a 2.5 mm HXY MAS, a 4 mm HXY MAS (extendable to HFXY operation mode), a 7 mm HXY and  a static 4 mm HX probe. Additionally, this spectrometer is used with a self-built portable 129Xe hyperpolarisation apparatus (right picture, background).

As part of the NZN we also have access to various other NMR machines including a 1 GHz magnet in the near future.

University of Bayreuth - Chair of Inorganic Chemistry III - Prof. Dr. Jürgen Senker